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Frequently asked questions

Is this a new website?
SoccersMoney already in the market since August 2009 . In this industry there is many claim to be insiders with the soccer association. SoccersMoney are solely a group of punters with experience in consolidating winning games. We want to built long-term customer relationships and exist to provide great customer service to our members by helping them grow, improve and profit with superior quality and value - everything else is secondary. Simple & straightforward.

Why do you charge for the tips?
In order to maintain winning, SoccersMoney team members are restricted from betting soccer. We have many partners around the world who hold responsibilities on focus with specific league/clubs. SoccersMoney make profits by providing winning games, you make profits by our game predictions.

Are the records displayed are all true records?
All records are absolutely true. As the result of which is reviewed, SoccersMoney provide the highest quality of service to our members. Additional in November 2013 we joined the third party verification platform www.verifiedbets.com and all out tips send to them daily for verification.

Why sometimes i receive more than 1 tips?
You may have purchase 1 tips only but the account will be active for the day, SoccersMoney might release the second tips if they have the confidence. Tips are calculate in daily basis. If you purchase 3 tips, it is equilant for 3 days. SoccersMoney will notify you 24hours earlier for the day of tips to be release.

More questions to be answered?
Contact our Customer service hotline call@SoccersMoney

Do you spend your time in soccer prediction? Good enough to be one of our members? Please write an email with the subject the 'JOB' , your expertise and information to customercare@verifiedbets.com . We will get back to you shortly.